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I made this film using my Nokia Lumia 1020. My reasoning behind making this film was to prove that a mobile phone can play a huge part in current media. This style of using a mobile phone camera in serious media is still a relatively new idea, although it has been incorporated by such media giants as The Guardian and NME to name but a few.
At a time when mistrust in our government and the media is commonplace, more and more people are switching to social media to find the truth. This has created a culture of film makers, all carrying a camera in their pocket and largely eager to shoot whatever they can and upload it.
This film also demonstrates how people of different cultures and beliefs can share a street in protest to their particular gripe.
I subtly edited it in a way that added a touch of comedy feel which you may not catch on the first time round.
I used the default Nokia Lumia 1020 camera app to shoot this film as the style of filming did not require effects except the clip of a police helicopter hovering above the crowd. I wanted the helicopter to be viewed as insidious. A representation of the paranoia felt globally of a big brother state and the New World Order (or Goldman Sachs, whichever you want to call them).
To create the effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC I first added some noise to give a static effect. I configured the luma to give the helicopter a blurred look (which is actually a trick I learnt from Capricorn One). And lastly I changed the tint and drowned out the colour which enhances the narrative.
There was no planning when making this film. Purposely because I wanted to demonstrate the whole premise behind using a mobile film to capture current events and that a large amount of media found online is filmed on the fly as opposed to planned in advance.
I went into Manchester where I knew I wouldn’t have a problem finding good footage and stumbled into this mass protest as soon as I stepped off the tram.
This film and millions of other videos found on social media (except the ones about planet x and the lizard baby) show that the world is becoming one huge media circus where nowhere is left un-filmed.
Good or bad?

This was a 2 minute film made by myself and my Social Tech group at uni. We set out to film a heap of random images which would be put together for a music video for Tiny and the Dckheads. Some phone apps were used for effects but I also did some transitional effects in Adobe Premiere.
Hope you enjoy!

Wei Keong’s animated short films White and Hush Baby were awarded Special Achievement and Special Mention respectively at the Singapore International Film Festival. As an animator in Tokyo, he worked on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (In-Game Cinematic) and Transformers Prime (Animated Television Series) at Polygon Pictures Inc.

SPECIAL MENTION, Singapore International Film Festival, 2009
VOICE AWARD (Audience Prize), Singapore Short Film Festival, 2009
BEST ANIMATION, Singapore Short Film Awards, 2010
BEST ANIMATION, Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards, 2010
Internationale Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart, 2010
KROK International Animated Film Festival, 2010
Anifest, 2010
A curious baby is protected from an environment of temptation.
Director/ Producer – Tan Wei Keong
Sound Designer – Vanessa Seow
Pixilation – Loo Zihan
Colouring – Henry Zhuang and Harry Zhuang
Completed in Singapore 2009

The International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 will showcase a screening programme of mobile short films and mobile-mentaries from Brazil, USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, New Zealand, Columbia, Russia, Greece, Germany and Japan.
The MINA [Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa] Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium opening reception will take place at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington, Te Anakura Whitiahua, on the 23rd November 2012.
MINA reception (6.30pm) and mobile film screening (7pm-8pm)
The 2nd International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation symposium hosted at Massey University Wellington, on 24th/25th November, will provide a platform for filmmakers, artists, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in a changing art and design environment and the transforming creative industries.
For a detailed screening and symposium programme please see
International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012
Tamarindo Costa Rica MM 22062012 – Felipe Cardona
5#CALLS – Giuliano Chiaradia
Homemade Spacecraft – Luke Geissbuhler
A cold place – Muriel Montini
Waking Up to Life – Keirux
Sinfulness – Anders Weberg
Illusion – Anders Weberg
Rites of Passage – John Bavaro
The Haunting at Danford Cabin – Craig Anthony Perkins [presented by the IPhone Film Festival]
Yearlapse ’11 | NYC to London – Zsolt Haraszti [presented by the IPhone Film Festival]
Killing Time – Keith Moore [presented by the IPhone Film Festival]
Mueller & Mitch feat. Annette Brüggemann “Kobalt” – Now Is Definitely The Time To Panic (Miri D´Oro & Marian Mueller)
Hollywood – Khalil Charif
Untitled 1.1 – Alessandro Perini
The possibility to aware of being caged – Evrensel Ürüm
Office no 47 – Sylvie Prasad
A Short Journey 2012 – ‘Olympic Park’ – The Film Artist
Day at Amagansett Beach -iPhone Art – David Scott Leibowitz
Interlude Detroit – Daniel Mauro
The Remains of a Pool – Lula Leventi
Laudomia – Apostoli Dario
System Age – Hase kaihei
The Editor – Chris Nong
Finn – Visual Cooks
Poster – Benoît Labourdette
College of Creative Arts Time Capsule – Max Schleser


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