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december: 2014 iPhone 6+ ©louise whiting

december: 2014
iPhone 6+
©louise whiting

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Gone, But not Forgotten

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All images shot and processed using my iPhone.

Gallery created for : Gone, But not Forgotten

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Vienna to Istanbul to Rome travel sky view pictures

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Vienna to Istanbul to Rome travel sky view pictures

sky view pics Vienna

Vienna Sky view



sky view pics istanbul


skyviewpics rome


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Whilst away with friends I decided to have a bit of a play with the Photosphere app. It helps you take a full sphere of photos and stitches them together. I’ve seen the results posted on Google+ before and you either view as one large image, or scroll around it as if you were the photographer taking it.

I didn’t take the full sphere, just the part I was interested in. Within the app you scroll around it, but in the camera roll of my phone it creates a square image with distortion. I thought this was quite an interesting effect so decided to post it.

It was taken at Brockhill Country Park in Kent.



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Goal Unclear

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